Joy-filled, heart warming moments you'll never want to forget

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Photographs are a powerful way to revisit some of the most cherished moments of our lives. To live, breath, feel those moments again and again is the reason I document the now.

About Me

Whilst I've always been a creative soul in life and career, the arrival of my second child was the gentle nudge I needed to begin my journey into photography. As a mother, I felt the ache in my heart about just how fleeting and precious the small ordinary moments in our lives were. The fact that I get to capture these milestones for other families as well, to stop time and hand them on to be remembered forever, means more than you may ever know.

I grew up in a small regional town on the NSW/VIC border, and the sandy river beds and sprawling farm paddocks became the backdrop for all of my outdoor photoshoots when I first started my business. As a family we now live in Brighton, Melbourne and live a busy and chaotic life with three young children. We still manage to get outside and enjoy the beach and go on camping trips as often as we can. I am enjoying exploring the coastal landscapes of Melbourne with my clients as my new backdrop for outdoor sessions.

I look for

the joy

Capturing you

as you are

My approach

I prefer a natural style of photography, to capture the way that it feels in the moment. I'm an expert in capturing the real connection and and fleeting encounters that unfold during my sessions

I live for

the gentle moments

What to expect

When you do a session with me, the focus will be about having fun and spending quality time with your family. The magic happens when you forget that I'm there and you give you children your undivided attention, playing with, loving on, and connecting with each other. Expect to play, sing, have lots of cuddles, tickle and just embrace the general chaos of real life!

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